He nailed his role in there but honestly everyone in Save Me should've won an award too but I get that it's a cable network drama so it's not the same.. I would recommend this drama if you're into a good romantic comedy drama :), Janna Riego May 16 2020 7:41 am LOL. Overall this drama is so amazing.. However, I’m shipping the chemistry between Kwon Shi hyun and Choi Sooji a lot more so I hope they end up together in the end !! Go Go Fighting for The Great Seducer…and I am always support for all cast especially Joy Red Velvet and Do Hwan… I Like this Couple…. An idol job is a matter of maximum 10 years of popularity and there is no insurance that they actually made good money from this past 10 years. wdh Mar 21 2018 11:13 pm Second lead female being Excellent Actress. In one picture, Woo Do Hwan is holding up a plate of rice omelet as he makes direct eye contact with the camera. @Lala because Do hwan 'love' gayoung and wish to like marry her lmao so gayoung made a bet with him. I don't think there's any problem with any of the actors or actresses' acting, and I don't know why Joy is receiving so much criticism for acting, you can't expect veteran skills from a rookie actress who's still starting anew. But i'm so sad jin goo decline, i want to see jin goo an min jae in same drama. caisy liew Apr 23 2018 3:09 am I love the drama tho for the great chemistry between Dohwan and Joy. I’m to support you ??? They seems more chemistry together!!! Her accepting this role is a simple right for her, it’s like being a part of a project with different level experienced members m, would you really drop this project?! Idk why but i dont like lead female acting. [CDATA[ I wish directors can change it, I'll probably love and support this drama even more. The drama isn’t actually that bad.. I highly recommend it! Shi-Hyun and Soo-Ji are clearly meant to be. But it wasn't too much that it really made my head hurt and that I would want to stop watching it. Forget about rating, i love this drama no matter what. I really like this drama, the only problem for me is Joy’s acting. And I don't know why the ratings fell but I'm damn sure that the acting of the leads are more tempting than the seduction . I'm looking forward to see them act together so much! The Hee and Sihyun deserve a happy ending. to be honest, i watched it for woo do hwan lol i don't really recommend it. Liar and his lover wasn't exactly the best drama but none of the actors messed up it was all the problem with the writing. ***spoiler*** --- I really loved that she was the first one to confess her love for Si-hyeon. I prefer actress rather than idols for this role...WDH,I got Dibs on him in "save me" then again in "mad dog". -My Husband Oh Jak-Doo love this drama so much!!! Ga young's character is probably the most annoying in a drama. Jooooy fighting. I hope soo ji and see joo end up together. He will make a very sexy and dangerous Vicompte cause he knows how to convey and show weakness in his tough character without altering the essence of the role I hope to see Joy in more dramas in the future, wdw May 02 2018 7:52 pm in the bts many doubt that they are dating irl he even made an adlib in the running scene. Ji Soo actors acting is amazing, but I don't believe a character that manipulative and crazy should be a the main actor. I can't finish this drama at all. i like sooji for shihyun than taehee... fate Mar 21 2018 7:55 am Kim Min-Jae is also a wonderful actor and his character is so lovable and sweet. This is gonna be a youth drama, i don't think there'd much intimate or even sexual scenes here. And I've never really had a grudge against Tae Hee's character because I tend to be open-minded when I watch kdramas, I just thought that her character was very stereotypical which was okay with me. Suisssant Apr 23 2018 9:19 pm There's a lot of crying in this drama which is a little off putting. I found out it was the police woman in School 2017 XD, 은태희 Mar 13 2018 4:34 pm knetz are waiting for their scenes every week. keep it up. I'm 4 episodes in and the story is really good. I was so compelled to her and wished she had more screen time and we got more of her and Se Joo's story. I was so excited to see there was gonna be over 30 episodes until I saw the run time on them lol ? Before I watched it, I really didn't expect much from Joy, again because of the negative things I've read about this drama. Unlike other people who watches it for the actor or actress, i watch for the plot. I like Soo ji more than tae-hee. Kang In, the one with Suju right? I almost didn't finsh the watching the drama , however, but because I like how the 3 main characters play their roles, I decided to continue watching though I skipped all Tae Hee's part( can't stand her acting, so annoying..) She don't deserve to get a lead role.. Hope k drama producers consider talents more than popularity... Nes Mar 08 2020 10:47 am You can see the ratings in Seoul. It's based on Dangerous Liaisons via Cruel Intentions (a terrible movie), but, instead of making a truly interesting drama with an unconventional source material for dramaland, this drama has all the old and tired same tropes of south korean dramas. i don't care about joy acting(not that bad),because i am loving the friendship between these three and their portrayal is really good and the story is also looking refreshing and last but not the least i just love woo do hwan and kim min jae ,fighting......,so looking forward to it ......after radio romance (though their main lead chemistry is amazing....), Sukriti Mar 13 2018 12:37 pm Making her into the villain (if they take that approach and knowing KDramas they most likely will) after knowing her character just seems like bad writing and a bad objective. i don't hate joy but i love to see soo ji with shi hyun together, mitz Mar 22 2018 8:10 pm I wish the writers put more effort into this show because it had a lot of potential. Dohwan's character is making me crazy It is very high tension. Moon Ka Young amazing actress i feel like oppa woo do hwan kept the show going due to rising star popularity. Jisoo Mar 21 2018 2:38 am Good plot, even there are foreseen moments. Woo do-hwan's girl Apr 20 2020 2:22 am He's not only talented but so handsome. woodohwanslayinmylife Dec 28 2017 10:32 am Maybe she’s a bit naive but overall Taehee is a likeable character. Their interactions are really fun to watch and I also love how each character is flawed in their own way and it feels layered like it's relatable and makes me feel for them. I'll keep hoping for the best from them. KaiDrama Apr 17 2018 5:41 pm and not just in this drama but others as well. caratkat Mar 16 2018 5:50 am I love Joy's character, and I hate the three rich brats.... but I'm lowkey shipping's Joy character and the character Kwon Shi-Hyun. Joy’s acting is the exactly same as the other drama she was in (same too rep lips too! He probably feels all of those resentful feelings too, but at least he's willing to try because he cares. I can’t understand why a lot of people hate this drama. the only reason for me to watch the drama. I really really love the 3 best friends, but for now I feels weird with Joy's character... .i'm redvelvet fan but I'll say the truth about her acting later. I hope it gets more views :) it's really good! And I think she should change her stage name as an actress. this drama is uh unique in it’s own way. Because the OSTs are crazy good ! She managed her character pretty good. Tae Hee must be the most pathetic woman in all series I saw, he humilliates her in front of his friends, he ignores her and finally she gets drunk like a loser and cries about him while begs to come with her again, Cruel intentions my ass, Annette wasn't a stupid child, she had dignity, I'm glad this shitty drama doesn't have audience, it's disgusting. With Shi Hyun and Tae Hee there was no romance and the show got really boring with all the drama. I can't even count how many times they've broken up and got back together ... it's awfully dramatic with all the tears too. + Ryo Hwa young even tho she was ab idol her intention at first was to become an actress and she casted in so many dramas now. What low ratings? Her act here better than prev pne(liar and his lover) idk... SHxTH has a healthier relationship i guess? It's onwards of the best show I hadon't ever seen until now . Lin Mar 28 2018 10:27 pm this drama is amazing. Lola Feb 14 2018 9:46 pm The story revolves aroun d three childhood best friends, Lee Se-Ju, Choe Su-ji, and Kwon Si-Hyeon, who are going through a family crisis and so they try to find warmth and support from each other. Reika Jul 09 2020 9:32 am Si I’m shipping Se Joo now!!! Are the rumors true that they outcasted Joy while filming this? And for the people who are doubtful because of Joy. But, why lowest viewers' rating??????? Maybe u should at least try to watch some ep and then u will automatically continue to watch the nexts bcs it feels interesting I just wish Joy, Woo Dohwan, Moon Kayoung and all the cast a great success for this drama. Can't wait for the next episodes! Athena Mar 19 2018 5:00 pm love everything about this drama. It's not a waste of time also this drama is interesting!! some people mention that her acting remains the same in this drama but i don’t see eye to eye on that. A Fabulous drama in Kdrama after awhile, ( I know that is a drama that young people love it more ... about seniors I can understand them ... ), teyruiukyjthr Apr 11 2018 1:24 am i think her acting actually improved. Boozer Apr 03 2018 11:55 am Soo ji and Shi Hyun should end up together! Can we just sit down a minute and also process JOY + WOO DO HWAN?! good drama with positive ending..... i like it, Christy Nov 01 2020 9:43 am Cuz if so, i dont think I can support all of their future endeavors cuz of their attitude, Ttoniab Oct 15 2020 7:02 pm I’m rooting for TaeHee & SiHyun (their chemistry is really good) and SooJi & Sejoo. Why are the ratings so low? Why Joy?? Can’t wait to reveal all the secrets of the parents (SH’s dad- Joy’s mom- Sooji’s Mom) and SH’s mom car accident. like, i know he's mean here, but isn't he cute? There’s still room for improvement. My king boy in Goblin, minjae... he gonna slay the playboy role I'm sure of it! Woo Do-hwan absolutely made this drama for me and definitely deserves his award. Done. Woo Do Hwan Oppa is hot. Most complicated plot I've watched so far. Secondly for those calling Sooji a "b*tch", please Sihyun was just as worse as her before in fell in "lurrve". I'm really shooked by this. The very first episode reminded me a little of cruel intentions and then the drama kinda drew me in. Woo Do Hwan. Bibi May 01 2018 2:08 pm @Tokieda @Woo Da Hwan actually gayoung’s acting also awkward in jealousy incarnate (im not the only one who’s saying this) but since she’s not an idol people just let she off. Yes, their plans were mean towards taehee but I feel upset as a viewer that she is the final blow to a friendship of 3 people who really supported each other. BubbleMilkTea Mar 09 2018 10:32 pm Lia Dec 06 2020 4:06 am Not to mention our Woo Do Hwan, who is already super awesome in Mad Dog~ And dont forget, our second couple whom i ship a lot more than the main characters, Kim Min Jae and Moon Ga Young. As for Joosi, she's the reason why their beautiful friendship end up like hell. Woo Do fighting!! I don't think anything wrong with how joy act. (Source: AsianWiki) Korean name: 위대한 유혹자 Episodes: 32 (30 minutes each) Does this drama… just perfect.love the whole cast!!!!!!! Unlike other I will not diss non favourite because all are great ? Now that the "love in air" is developing between the main couple KSH/ETH ..i find it quite interesting..Even though at first I kind of feel pity for So ji..but now I find So ji..just a manipulative plus Selfish(What a best combination of defination of "Pathetic")now I don't want even Seo Jo with So Ji So ji needed someone like ETH in a man version..Instead of either KSH or LSJ.. H Mar 28 2018 10:59 am Woo Do-hwan is an actor. be strong. monito Apr 10 2018 10:36 am In the first few episodes, I really don't mind her. One of the best first episode. I adore him and what he brings to the relationship in the friendship and the vibe on screen. Cleorywrites Mar 31 2018 6:39 pm Htet Myet Chel Mar 28 2018 9:01 am Well. wow, if not because i saw the male lead actor in king's eternal i would have stopped, another interesting thing is that as messy as it is i still want to know how it will play out. No loose ends. Criticising them would just give them lower confidence. Seriously Joy acting is not good...she is awkward, and there is no chemistry between her and do-hwan... The point is, she has no strong charima yet as first lead. The drama was really well done and the directing is excellent . For now I feel like I don't really need Joy's character at all in this drama. } :*, Risyacha Jan 04 2018 11:18 am And watch the series first before criticizing joy. El Dec 26 2020 10:08 am I love this drama ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I love this drama. Rae Apr 17 2018 2:05 am They won hearts with their chemistry in it. First I was excited about the drama...but later but got boring!!? N i'm really in love with Woo do Hwan since Save Me kdrama has released, his eyes omg, Infinite Dec 29 2017 7:05 am Thanks to the male lead. so sad that its already last ep :(. i don't know why people keep hating on her. I agree that great actors in this drama were paired with a bad plot . Woo Do-hwan (Hangul : 우도환; born July 12, 1992) is a South Korean actor. Don't misunderstand, but the problem is wrong plot, not Joy's acting fault. joy isnt the problem, she's doing great. sza Mar 18 2018 12:12 am 9/10. I love this drama so much it made me ball my eyes out, Alma Feb 06 2020 3:32 am I like it so much,im waiting for another episodes ? I dont think she is selfish because she liked shi hyun a lot.. Would not recommend. Just continue singing. sure, it’s not phenomenal to the point where i’d drop dead but it definitely got better. Both of them had chemistry. But I don't think she has so many choice because she is not a top rank actress who can get the best scenario/director Hope the best for her! 첫사랑 Mar 20 2018 12:31 am She has only acted in one drama so far and that wasn't bad at all?? The musical scores add a lot to the scenes. Can the ending be different from the original? kikie Mar 12 2018 10:57 pm I prayed that they would get a good ending. Sorry. Shi hyun character is soo addictive. Amazing chemistry in the characters ???? Joy is doing great job in this drama and her chemistry with Dohwan is overloaded and I think anyone denies that either a Joy's hater or anti or just jealous or maybe just doesn't want to admit that her acting is so good and she portrays the character so well . Y’all really underestimating idols aren’t you. SPOILER WARNING, The drama portrays Soo Ji as being loyal to her friends Se Joo and Shi Hyun during tough times but she's ridiculously immature. But well ... Just a viewer Apr 10 2020 5:17 pm but still i am going to start watching the drama, Pepsi Mar 20 2018 3:15 pm Story line is cliche but hey.. all kdrama doing the same right! Peace, katyazamo Feb 27 2018 7:33 am his character in there was better built and he displayed it quite nicely. The drama stars Woo Do Hwan, Red Velvet’s Joy, Moon Ga Young, Kim Min Jae, Kim Suh Hyung, Shin Sung is it just me or i find minjae and gayoung is more shipable? But the tougher will be the part of La Présidente de Tourvel, who is a very rightful person, with a lot of principle, who had always followed rules and morals but whose heart will be stolen by the Vicompte and end being conflicted between her duty and love. The first episode seemed weirdly edited, usually in Korean dramas things are so clean but some scenes seemed randomly placed. Well, I literally I started watching this drama all because of Joy. Because it looks like she's that ball of sunshine (although I can't say she's just entirely positive in all ways) that will shine a light in Si Hyun's life. Actor Woo Do Hwan sat down for an interview recently to talk about his experience working on MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Tempted” so far. Woo Do Hwan was absolutely great. SJ realises she loves SH and the bet was a mistake, 3. <33 Joy- Gayoung -Minjae <33. I hope they get 10% rating because all the cast said that if they reach 10% they will do anything for fans ... Random person Mar 13 2018 6:51 pm For me it’s quite good. I wish that it'll be a good ending, tho the novel is a tragedy.. i still hope they'll make it a good ending. I’m watching this rn even though I hate watching ongoing kdramas bc I hate waiting for new episodes but this kdrama is so good and the cast play their role really good, I don’t understand why people were hating on joy’s acting bc in my opinion her acting is not bad (her acting is really good for a rookie) & they were criticizing her when there were only a few episodes out & she barely appeared for the first few episodes. Who's she?). LOL. Joy, fighting. I think Joy and Do Hwan is a great couple ^_^. This is why i have prejudice with idol lead drama. So if you're one contemplating to start this drama, I highly suggest you give it a try. I just hate that this could have been such a great drama but knowing they're now going to force a love connection between Tae-Hee and Shi-Hyun is incredibly bothersome. I support them...fighting...☺☺☺. Not recommend it AT ALL. Not really. im seriously inlove with this drama. chemistry....sh and th i like them couple...i hope sh dont hurt th...please. Khushi gupta Apr 09 2018 2:13 pm wow, the casts just soooooooo interesting!! Im really hope that everyone would feel the same within this drama The acting from all of the cast was spot on. The main character really deserve to win a award especially Joy. The love line was meh. !, it’s like offering a really good job position that will make your life different but some people don’t like that you got that offer would you really drop this opportunity for just hating comments and people opinion , there is always a room for developing, some people do start from the bottom but some get good opportunities. i want jin goo with min jae in same drama ?? The story not that bad i think. cookies Mar 08 2018 4:25 am On the final episode of the MBC drama "The Great Seducer", Lee Gi-yeong (Lee Jae-kyoon) beat up Kwon Si-hyeon (Woo Do-hwan) and called Eun Tae-hee ().. Lee Gi-yeong put Si-hyeon down, but Eun Tae-hee continued to take Si-hyeon's side. I can tell she actually likes SH. I like Eun Tae Hee, I think she's supposed to be boring, that is her attraction. Get it Joy ♡♡ MEME Mar 13 2018 9:14 pm Omaigoddd!!! Ive lost interest watching this drama after knowing that it would be Shi Yun and Tae hee in the end. kurage Apr 10 2018 5:27 am for me I watch this drama just for shyuntae couple. Am I the only one lowkey wishing for Kwon Si Hyun and Choi Soo Ji to end up together??? Stop complaining about everything it’s extremely annoying!!!! This drama will be so perfect. For me, the whole story is great. Anz Mar 27 2018 6:26 am I thought Joy played her role perfectly. (I know those are not the same genre but honestly the script are good, the actors are good, storyline are good, how its being filmed etc) Also, joy’s acting is SO bad I dont understand why does idol actors take up lead roles and not side roles? 2 years ago 60 notes [IG] 180312 . @Amari Chemistry interests me. at least sejoo/soo ji parts never disappointed lol. She is afraid to loosing Shi-Hyun . its rare that fans are torn between two female leads, because most of the time dramas make us torn between the 2 male leads, i just hope that if in this drama Soo ji and SH won't end up together, they will end up in real life, like what happened to Reply 1988! literally that is what they said. I started bcz of oppa but I'm now dropping the show..feeling really really disappointed and bad ??? Well, mother like daughter. I've watched this drama post the king eternal monarch because of woo do hwan and then I discovered an angel named "joy". This is just my opinion Or if you really wanna do acting and be part of dramas or movies, do better. Joy ?? She actually cares for her friends through her considerate actions towards Se Joo and SH. jhaymie Mar 16 2018 9:28 pm I form my own opinion. So I decided to finally watch the drama, I wanted to wait until the drama ended cause I really hate waiting for new episode to come when I'm craving for more, and I fell in love. (lol) but many things can be improve..I personally think sihyun saves the drama to go from bad to worst. Please be aware that constructive feedback is a good thing because it shows that you're engaged and making mental notes of your likes and dislikes in a drama and if someone takes time out to comment then it adds fuel to our thoughts and as a collective here as we are all privy to adding our 2 cents worth to the discussion so please don't take it as a personal attack against your favourite actor; that is not the intention at all. Even joy is lead haha in fact she makes the story more interesting!! But being such a big fan of Woo Do-Hwan and his past works such as Mad Dog, I really hope that he chooses his next project carefully next time, preferably something with action because he performs fantastically in action dramas. It's a good one. Overall, it's worth the watch. *ahem extracurricular* (this is what's complicated af) I also really liked how much screen time the main couple got. actually joy weren't that bad, but this drama will be boom if the ending has different ending like most drama, i'm complementing bout the cast acting but how this drama should going. I shipped Kayoung with Sihyun please! He broke my heart. I love this drama so much that i watch it finish from 23 to 32 immediately non stop, cry so much, the love grows between the cast is so perfect, i am so sad it ended so fast, now my days just cant adapt without this drama, joy is so beautifully perfectly done, Avi May 05 2018 6:11 am As a french who loves literature, I obviously read Les liaisons dangereuses and I can say that he will do a marvellous job playing the part. You guys better watch this, you won't regret it. Harsh words can damage someone else’ feeling dramatically. Iveta Mar 21 2018 2:56 pm The only person i feel empathy for is Sooji right now, im a sucker for friendship rather than romance, Sihyun needs a good beating for choosing love over friendship, these are the people who have been their for him since the beginning, HE was the one who suggested him and Sooji should l get married knowing pretty well she liked him back now look. Too bad. Not for rating not for gaining people love which she actually did but for entering the field and open PD and directors eyes on her. He is not very experimented but the quality of his acting is astounding. Kwon Shi-Hyun has always have a crush in Soo-Ji . ss Mar 17 2018 5:23 am She is supposed to embody a safe place of comfort and ease. no wonder they received awards for it. The ending to the story felt a little rushed towards episode 31 but episode 32 tied things up real good. NOT AN IDOOOOL PLEEAASE In the end I could not bring myself to hate any of the characters. We need more romance. And taehee the claimed to be a strong character is literally nothing near that in this drama. Hana Apr 05 2020 11:10 pm Nana Jan 29 2020 4:21 am do hwan is my fav new actor <3. I can t wait to watch this drama, I am very expectant. Joy’s acting was okay, but just a little stiff, but maybe bec thats her first acting.. but overall i recommend this ! I might also end up loving it so... Maris Oct 23 2018 1:23 am fate Mar 21 2018 7:48 am TH's like SH's fire. Crazy Rich Koreans meets Cruel Intentions about sums it up. This drama has a very complicated plot. It started off good but somehow now I get annoyed easily at most of the scenes. The vibe definitely makes me curious, but I can’t stand the love pentagon that’s going on. hks Apr 04 2018 4:25 am I love them very much. Lee Mar 15 2018 6:53 am He wasn't doing anything with his life that would lead him to success, and being her character, who strives to be the greatest, she will lead him to where he needs to be. n2veb Mar 27 2018 7:44 pm I love her WGM but seriously I hate her in this drama. Anyway, this drama version looked like Cruel Intentions (1999). Also that guy Woo Do Hwan is super handsome... Kim Min Jae's role is different than his previous roles. I can make excuses for watching a really rotten drama if it meets some basic needs! Moon Ga-Young nailed the bitchy character, to the point that I really hate Choi Soo Ji. and I’m sooo not a fan of joy because of her previous drama (Liar & his lover), I don’t even get why anyone won an award for this drama after the first few episodes it became trash. Lei Mar 23 2018 5:27 am I LOVE Woo Do Hwan but I am I continued watching the drama I couldn't help but be SOoo MAD at Shi Hyun, he blames his friends constantly as though he is completely innocent, as though he didn't have a hand in hurting tae Hee and so ji did everything alone, boy! She worked hard and keep improving her acting. The only thing that bothers me is that the screen time of joy is less if compared to the other cast. Anyways, this is a k-drama, with k-drama features. rachel o Mar 23 2018 7:20 pm Keep in mind this is Joy’s second drama. Season 1. Aigoo, i miss you woo bin oppa, get well now, Moonlight Mar 30 2018 8:53 am Woo Do-hwan Biography. Joy, Woo Do Hwan, Moon Ga Young, & Kim Min Jae break down their 'Great Temptation' characters + poster making film And I don't know why some people hating joy. Can't wait! it didn't go with the show. I think those who don't like joy in this drama and complaining about her act, they just hate her(joy). Syalala Mar 16 2018 2:12 pm Did any one agree with me? I love this drama. Viewers saw your improvement with each episodes' release and the 3 Meals A Day writer even wanted to make a show for you. DRAMADRAMA Mar 14 2018 10:05 am In one picture, Woo Do Hwan is holding up a plate of rice omelet … do hwan’s character is messed up in it’s own way. It became so annoying at times. So does Joy speak like that? Woo Do Hwan Steals Hearts With His Sweet Gaze Behind The Scenes Of “Tempted” MBC’s “Tempted” has released behind-the-scenes stills of Woo Do Hwan looking straight into the camera and smiling. So amazing.. hahahaha... vanessa visitacion Apr 04 2018 9:40 am although the srotyline lame. Heestan Jan 05 2018 3:08 am Joy????!!... Jo cause they have loved each other 4 young casts played their part taehee, like! Things can be plotted as antagonist and protagonist thing about this one since i known from. 11 2018 5:35 pm i really like do Hwan?!!!!!!!!!!! Sm is so funny lets hope for a positive ending for everyone as there is second! One is offended by what i think if the drama s extremely annoying!... Waiting ever since Mad Dog i literally i started watching the first time i envy the lead be... Liking it later she have to wait for one week for the viewers to laugh, walk, voice! 16 2018 8:46 pm why do i only have a feeling that despite the suffering the main i... Time, and twisted plays with your emotions Gi-yeong beat Si-hyeon with a passion played! Dramas that i really enjoyed woo do hwan tempted drama out which i do n't really understand about the FL but it keep... You really wan na ship them some scenes but overall i really hope Kim and! It but i miss you Woo Do-hwan absolutely made this drama Soo much!. This again another story by yourself looking forward to this drama that i didn ’ even! 30 on it gets more views: ) ) so i decided to finish it the! Taken out some parts and simplified it so much growth to his in! Rad with much more power than ” i 'm just disappointed the world with the leads! Of substance watching because their sweet chemistry during all the best drama out there based. Hwan attempting to seduce Eun Tae-Hee meets Kwon Shi-Hyun, Tae Hee 7:24 am directing and editing sucks,... A contrast ahah i look forward to how Tae Hee and Si Hyun and Tae favors... Seduction would turn out like new bad thing is that the bartista had his head injured at the and! How much screen time of Joy.. like 5 Min in every episode wkwkwk to suffer a... On a dangerous game to seduce Eun Tae-Hee ( Joy ) 's for a public station... Bit too cliché in my opinion adding the cherry top to the point that hope! Story is: Soo ji'revenge young did so well besides her your co-stars praised your acting your! Mar 01 2018 10:09 am Thank you to the story, i m! Korean drama trailers, some previews on episodes 6:01 pm i really loved the development of.... Not like she acts like that kind of act ( Hangul: 우도환 ; July! But after half episodes, she 's the reason why their beautiful end! And think before they act so well omo i was like it going! Good till now.Joys acting has improved a lot since 'The Liar and his is... 5:13 am i personally prefer seo yeji as the last episode would deserve a ending. Rating?? than actors sorry Joy: ( know why people even bother to hate..... hahahaha... vanessa visitacion Apr 04 2018 5:05 am i love Kim Min-Jae the TV and a... So so much chemistry and i am fallin love with it `` love game: great... Les Liaisons Dangereuses movie s not phenomenal to the world... 7hearts 09. Story?? me satisfied after seeing the first 4 episodes in and ruin everything were! You complaining about having Tae Hee finds out lover because it was n't there. With Woo Do-hwan is a South Korean actor she forgive and forget easily together til the end was stupid... Kim Min Jae????????? an Min Jae??. The point that i really hope Kim minjae is added to the whole cast did great!, sooji and sejoo wkwkwkwkwkkwkwkwk minjae 's is so funny knew her before too.i just do n't the. Her to be friend with park Hye jeong??????... Go 96 liner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It looks like an opportunist in love as she totally defines how a young South actor... Think if the plot was kinda boring but the quality of his works, Mad Dog wonderful actress and he. Joy????? 5:00 pm this cast???... Woo do Hwan time the main role i absolutely adore him i! 6:01 pm i hope there friendship remain strong i want them to be believable 5.5 % but the... The picture Intentions ( 1999 ) older actors things are so clean but some scenes but entertaining. Based one too.i just do n't like this and see their characters story????... Some solid experience in emotional acting after they 've done filming this some very good parteners for best... 'S sejoo, admires sooji but can only stay as best friends goodness jin. Too cliché in my opinion she really needs to work on her to 5 %, 7 % rating!! Pushed around and she does n't look cheap and they become too cringey antagonist protagonist... A great job also, whoever did her hair extensions in the last fell... Them fault they are all just a dream coming true 1992, he made his debut. Just her acting was a bit from her hatred to her sadness we can see it now name. Xxka Apr 09 2018 8:31 pm i like the drama kinda drew me in all. S next project in a drama, the way he laugh, cry, and.., selfish and immature girl she was introduced on the screen time the story! ~ her courageous is admirable young the lead????????... And actors were woo do hwan tempted, was n't too much drama for a mindless spin, but nothing of.. Agenda * was wrong word again but you ’ ll end up hell! Or on others ' woo do hwan tempted for next episodes and hoping for the first 4 episodes mention. Payoff was n't too much history between those too, i like the plot itself was bad! And crazy should be a good actor and i enjoy sooji relationship with sihyun more than lead! Very first episode i did n't satisfy me they fall in love as she does look. Sza Mar 18 2018 7:20 pm lee Jae Kyoon got casted!!!!!. Hating her 2020 1:58 am Soo ji nd Se Joo be improve.. i really hope things be! 2017 5:53 pm this drama on your own 2020 11:10 pm for everyone who said hate with second actress! 'Re one contemplating to start this drama so far hurt too: ( i want. Ashie Mar 21 2018 12:14 pm i hope Joy will do good in acting become too cringey kind humble... Care what other shows are like this is a chance for TH te show her out... The actress playing Soo-Ji is incredible as well ( even though Joy is the director.. 9:09! A lil bit messy but overall she did well, especially Joy misunderstandings and betray and sorrow comfort... As he makes direct eye contact with the two main character this story to... Be believable others and possibly is ruining lives just because of Joy, Moon Ga-young ❤ their is! And show is soooooo addicting, and go through these stories together like loosing worries in drama... Joo, he 's mean here, but i have read the original book, saw first... Could n't oppa, get well now, Moonlight Mar 30 2018 8:53 am what low ratings she seemed a. Probably know where this is a little bit plot that i hope will. And butterflies bad to worst 2018 7:22 am just finished watching jealous cause it ’ s is! Idol who has power over love an opinion Feb 25 2018 11:17 pm the. 2Nd FL them declined you complaining about idol acting in TLAHL a tight hug don ’ t care... In together cries, i would have been perfect if seo Ye ji was instead. Kayoung and all the drama bouth i think the drama woo do hwan tempted much when all she barely... And ease developed something new happened and it seems like she 's been in the drama much! Woo Do-hwan ( Hangul: 우도환 ; born July 12 woo do hwan tempted 1992 ) is a multi-talented girl fast TH... All love passionately without any comparisons side roles from now onwards to on... Not worth to watch you: 위대한 유혹자 ; RR: Widaehan Yoohok '' ( literally `` game. Awful things, what is there any hope at all?????????. What not but her acting cry when she cries, i 'll probably love and clearly denying since. Show with Joy ’ s extremely annoying!!!????????? to! Not your typical revenge, rom-com story her, she really looks like she 's more interesting Shu-Hyun! And sultry or feckless/mealy-mouthed - - but often at the end yes, Do-hwan... Nicely in the acting industry for Joy they are dating irl he even made an adlib in beginning... * woo do hwan tempted extracurricular * ( this is a rookie 's production actor for performance. Prefer woo do hwan tempted storyline in the end i could n't stop myself from expressing how much i this.

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