The Imperials form their own alliance with the noble Tharn family and Mannimarco to bring Tamriel … They are also responsible for providing pledges, daily quests that involve completing group dungeons and … Bogdan the Nightflame is the "monster set" boss of that dungeon. Monster Helm Sets (commonly called "monster heads") are a subset of dungeon sets of armor.As the name suggests, the design of these sets are based on various bosses found in Group Dungeons.They all consist of one head piece and one shoulder piece, and come in every weight and trait (other than Nirnhoned).When both pieces are worn they grant a powerful and unique … You can opt to use tons of Monster Helm sets like Lord Warden (Imperial City Prison, group resistances), Chokethorn + Shadow Rend (Elden Hollow I & Banished Cells I, Magicka Recovery), etc. Link:, Where to obtain: Veteran Bloodroot Forge, Urgalarg Chief-bane. Comparably to Engine Guardian, both are very good, Engine Guardian is probably better as you will have more overall resource gain, but you can also avoid receiving any Stamina for long periods of time if unlucky but with this set you will always gain Stamina with every proc. The most difficult part is the 2 pieces bonus group buff requires you to stand still and be stacked for it to be effectively used. Comments: You would use these monster sets for the 129 Magicka Recovery. Link:, Where to obtain: Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun, Urgalarg Chief-bane. These are easy to obtain as a very first Tank setup, doing these two dungeons on Veteran are two of the easiest to complete … Set bonus 1 item: Adds 833 Weapon Critical, Adds 833 Spell Critical. If you are doing content with random groups or using the Dungeon Finder it can be helpful to use this as you may not have a healer, or someone who is reliable and knows what to do. Comments: A decent sustain set for a Tank as you can gain both Magicka and Stamina every 5 seconds fairly reliably. Bonuses []. 2 Items: Nightflame When you heal a friendly target, you have a 3% chance to summon a Totem for 6 seconds that heals you and your allies within 5 meters for 3483 Health every 1 second. Link:, Where to obtain: Veteran Moongrave Fane, Urgalarg Chief-bane. Enemies in the bile take 100 Disease Damage every 1 second and are afflicted with Minor Maim and the Diseased status for 4 seconds, reducing their damage done by 5% and healing received and Health Recovery by 8%. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds. Elden Hollow I … Link:, Where to obtain: Veteran Selene’s Web, Glirion the Redbeard. Last Boss of Elden Hollow 1 Dungeon: Grahtwood: 3/5: Band of Water: Bosses in Bad Man’s Hallows Public Dungeon: Glenumbra: 4/5: Face of the Wild Beast: Bitterpoint Strand World Boss: Malabal Tor: 5/5: Charm of the Shapeless: World Boss Bok Xul, Teeth of Sithis + Tsofeer Cavern Delves: Murkmire Monster Sets have only Head and Shoulders pieces that provide unique bonuses. This time we are stepping up to explore the final VR 6-10 dungeon – Elden Hollow! 2 Items: When you heal yourself or an ally, you have a 20% chance to summon a totem for 6 seconds that heals you and your allies within 5 meters for 57 (Base Value) Health every 1 second. The main reason you would use this set is for the Major Vitality which increases your healing received, this is particularly useful when you have a lot of health and you take a lot of damage in fights such as Kyne’s Aegis. If you are using this for the resistances for yourself rather than the group then this would be great for stationary fight but if its a fight with more movement it might be better using a 1 piece Lord Warden along with a 1 piece Mighty Chudan. When you combine the two sets you gain a total of 258 Magicka Recovery. It does activate from Health Potions and from using healing synergies such as the one from Blood Altar so you need to be careful not to waste it. (disabled since Patch 2.6.4) Comments: This is a Main Tank monster set that can be used in literally every trial. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds. Murklight is in Veteran Elden Hollow. Veteran Elden Hollow. I like to have Infused big pieces on my … Link:, Where to obtain: Veteran Wayrest Sewers II, Maj al-Ragath. Elden Hollow I Monster Helm Set Nightflame: 1 Item: Adds 25 (Base Value) Magicka Recovery. Set bonus 1 item: Adds 548 Maximum Stamina, Adds 548 Maximum Magicka, Adds 603 Maximum Health. It has a really good potential 100% uptime so it can be a reliable set to use in terms of uptime. Monster Helms are unique sets that are thematically based on iconic bosses from each dungeon. Chokethorn Set is one of the Monster Helm Sets in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). 2 items: When you deal damage, you have a 10% chance to create a thunderfist to crush the enemy, dealing 1650 Shock Damage every 1 second for 3 seconds to all enemies within 4 meters and a final 8470 Physical Damage when the fist closes. Link:, Where to obtain: Veteran Darkshade Caverns II, Maj al-Ragath. The boss also has a frontal aoe with fire damage. Nightflame: An excellent healing Monster Set for new and Veteran players. Elder Scrolls Online . These sets provide various utilities in very certain situations for particular classes. It is part of the base game. Once again, make sure to use the Iceheart Monster Set, it really makes a huge difference in terms of defense, ... Solo Elden Hollow 1 Run. Both Engine Guardian and Grundwulf provide much more reliable resource gain but you need to be casting to benefit from those whereas with Stonekeeper you just need to maintain block. It returns the resources based off Critical damage which is not a problem when you use Blockade and you are rotating through Pierce Armor and Heroic Slash. Nightflame is an armor set in the Elder Scrolls Online that can be obtained in Elden Hollow II. You can combine this with Lady Thorn and Major Maim but you can also gain AoE Minor Maim from other sources such as Choking Talons, Dark Shade or with AoE Chilled Status. Elden Hollow is a 4-person dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. The self-synergy feature allows you to improve your Alkosh uptime if you are using that set which can be helpful if your group has a lack of synergies and often in Stamina groups this can be a problem. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds. Vestment of Olorime: One of the best Healing Sets in ESO at the moment. The Head is a special drop from every boss in Veteran mode Dungeons while you can buy the Shoulders with Undaunted Keys from the Undaunted Pledge NPC. When you taunt the enemy a duneripper bursts out of the ground and causes physical damage as an area effect within 4 metre. 2 items: When you take damage, you have a 6% chance to generate 13 Ultimate and increase your Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance by 3731 for 5 seconds. Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Elden Hollow I. Set bonus 1 item: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina, Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka. The issue is it has a 14 second cooldown, but once the cooldown ends you also need to rebuild the 6 charges. This effect can occur once every 4 seconds.

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