She is the Executive Director of CultureStrike, a national arts organization that engages artists, writers and performers in migrant rights. Favianna leads art interventions around the U.S. at the intersection of art, social justice and cultural equity. Jesus Barraza is a print maker and graphic artist who started working as a layout editor in 1994 of the Xicana oppositional newspaper La Voz de Berkeley. Favianna Rodriguez, Oakland, California. Rodriguez is a co-f… Flashmob stands up to corporate free-loader Bank of America, for not paying their taxes! If you don’t see video…. Videos Guides News. President, The Center For Cultural Power . Music, graphics and the written word are powerful living reminders of struggles…, One of the most frequent questions I get when I lecture in universities around the country is: “What Art School did you go to?” I actually did not attend art…, Attention Fellow Visual Artists: Are you a visual artist that fights for Human Rights? Design & Development by Partner & Partners & Stephen Winsor, Holiday shopping for friends and family? Collages Monotype Collage on Wood Panel with Mixed Media. Reception. 2018. Rodriguez is known for using her art as a tool for activism. Creative Director. Favianna Rodriguez is an artist, entrepreneur, and organizer who has helped foster resurgence in political arts both locally and internationally. Acclaimed Actress, Author, and Immigration Reform Advocate. Biography Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist based in Oakland, California. She does that through her provocative art pieces, community organizing, and political empowerment programs. I pay my taxes every year, although reluctantly, because I know that 20% of my tax dollars go to funding wars. Art Work Shop Resources. Reception was broadly very positive, listing the book on a number of best seller and "best of 2020" lists. Sitemap, Detail of “Femicidio: Las Mujeres de Juárez Exigen Justicia” by Favianna Rodríguez. Collages Monotype Collage and Acrylic on Wood Panel. Favianna Rodriguez MENU . Favianna Rodriguez: The concept of connecting the monarch butterfly to migration is something that I believe has been going on since the 80’s. I am an agitator and artist. Suggestions for Artists and Creatives. Come check it out if you are…. Art Work Shop Resources. But it enrages me when large American companies, who…, I’m a part of a radical art traveling exhibit that is responding to the US/Mexico border wall, as well as to the inhumane policies along border states that are tearing…, I was so excited to read about this on Alternet over the weekend! Automatically reference everything correctly with CiteThisForMe. 2019. The nature of her work and the time period it was made in would make Favianna Rodriguez fit well within third wave feminism. Sign the Petition & Spread Art, Poster for OCCUPY “The World Vs. the 1%” and some Reflections, People’s Climate March: Downloadable Posters, Nuestro Labor Mantiene La Economia Del Mundo, Nuestro Labor Mantiene La Economia del Mundo. Mini bio info. Favianna Rodriguez is an internationally renowned artist, activist, and teacher based in Oakland, California. Felipe Montes was deported to Mexico about a year ago, away from his…, UPDATE @ 3:02 PM PST: Pancho has just been released!! Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural organizer, and political activist based in Oakland, California. Obama! Happy International Women’s Day to all my sisters out there! The nature of her work and the time period it was made in would make Favianna Rodriguez fit well within third wave feminism. Everybody knows the GOP’s biggest weakness is money, so why not hit ’em in the sweet spot?…, 2011 marks 100 years of International Women’s Day! Wendy Becktold from Sierra magazine positively reviewed the book "All We Can Save is a powerful tool because it articulates and holds space for this complexity." She has self-identified as queer and Latina with Afro-Peruvian roots. More on Tax Day! Drew Lanham, ornithologist, conservationist and distinguished professor at Clemson University Favianna Rodriguez (born September 26, 1978) is an American artist and activist. Wisconsin Firefighters Shut Down Bank That Funded Walker. Lacy Lew Nguyen Wright. René Spellman. Her work and collaborative initiatives address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, and ecology. Her art and collaborative projects deal with migration, global politics, economic injustice, patriarchy, and interdependence . Rodriguez partners with social movement groups around the world to create art that’s visionary and transformational. Her bold posters and digital artwork deal with social justice issues such as immigration, globalization, economic injustice, patriarchy, racism, and war. When 80’s pop culture crosses with migrant culture…, Post-Chicana: Upcoming Artist Talk w/ some Dope Sistahs, 1 Million Deportations ain’t Enough for Pres. Biography Chronology Contact Plant Based Healing I. The piece was designed digitally and installed on large 4 x 8 ft. panels. While we understand certain requests may have approaching deadlines, please note, all requests require a 3-5 business day review process. Unafraid. Props to US Uncut and the Ruckus Society! The daughter of Peruvian migrants to the United States, Favianna, 36, is a force to be reckoned with. Her art and praxis address migration, gender justice, climate change, racial equity, and sexual freedom. Favianna Rodriguez, Oakland, California. Thank you for your interest in Favianna’s work. Josh Healey is an award-winning writer, producer, and creative activist. Adam Mansbach Advisor/Collaborator Bio. International Women’s Day Posters – Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Power! I love to travel and I am married to my art practice. Favianna Rodriguez works tirelessly to promote the power and possibility of art and how it can inspire social change. See our collections today! Favianna Rodriguez MENU . 8.4K likes. It’s awesome! Favianna Rodriguez, president of the Center for Cultural Power Mustafa Santiago Ali, Senior Vice President of Climate, Environmental Justice & Community Revitalization for the Hip Hop Caucus Dr. J. Smithsonian magazine named it one of the top 10 best science books for 2020. Speaker Bio. 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches This series of monotype collages depicts my personal transformation through my relationship to plants. Shop designer dresses by Faviana New York. While Corporate Tax Cheats are Bankrupting the country, Artists fight back! Her art and praxis address migration, gender justice, climate change, racial equity, and sexual freedom. ), Firebrands: Activists You Didn’t Learn About in School, We Are All In This Together: exhibition catalog, Undocumented. Favianna Rodriguez’s “Femicidio,” address the femicide of over 350 women in La Ciudad Juarez, Mexico who have been kidnapped, raped, and killed since 1993. She was recently featured in a documentary series titled Migration is Beautiful which addressed how artists responded to failed immigrant policy in the United States. Bio. Biography Chronology Contact Liminality. 2018. Videos Guides News. Find your perfect style for Prom, Homecoming, Weddings, Cocktail Parties, and more. Favianna lectures globally on the power of art, cultural organizing and technology to inspire social change, and leads art interventions in communities around the country. Migrants are the 99%, Must WATCH: Immigrant abuse exposed in new documentary, VIDEO: Exhibit featuring Pro-Migrant Artwork, 1 DAY only in LA! He worked as a graphic designer for student groups at UC Berkeley, community organizations and with Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez designing Shades of Power, the newsletter for the Institute for Racial Justice. Collages Monotype Paper Collage and Acrylic on Cut Birch Wood. The exhibit, ChicaChic, showcases the work of five prominent…, Favianna Rodriguez is in Delaware visiting with students and faculty at the University of Delaware Art Department. Save your work forever, build multiple bibliographies, run plagiarism checks, and much more. Artists from Across US Respond to “New World Border”. Biography. Her designs and projects range on a variety of different issues including globalization, immigration, feminism, patriarchy, interdependence, and genetically modified foods. Just got this today from MoveOn. In March 1911 over a million women and men in Austria, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland came together to mark the first International…, I have an artist talk tonight in San Jose! Favianna Rodriguez is a transnational interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer. Press Events About. Her works often take on important issues such as … Write to Favianna. Favianna Rodriguez (1978) is a renowned artist, entrepreneur, and organizer who creates prints and posters that deal with the issues of war, immigration, globalization, and social movements. Here is an interview with Favianna about the piece. 3 Posters Celebrating International Women’s Day and telling the woman-haters to F-off! Tonight in San Jose! Please share far and wide on tax day! Her practice boldly reshapes the myths, ideas, and cultural practic (Sorry, we don’t offer expedited shipping options. Favianna Rodriguez. I met Paul on some trips to Maui in 2009 and 2010…. FRESH! Today she has a big lecture! Press Events About. Learn more about who we are and what we do. Biography Chronology Contact Survivor Justice II. Artist Bio Favianna Rodríguez is a founding member of the EastSide Arts Alliance (ESAA), an Oakland-based collective of third world artists and community organizers who use … Discover works for sale, auction results, market data, news and exhibitions on MutualArt. Favianna Rodriguez MENU . I am an agitator and artist. Diane Guerrero. Favianna Rodriguez is a visual artist whose poster prints address social justice issues from war to reproductive justice. Over the weekend, my friends in San Francisco pulled this action targetting Bank of America. Favianna Rodriguez (born September 26, 1978) is an American artist and activist. Favianna Rodriguez. Justseeds Artists' Cooperative is a decentralized, worker-owned cooperative of thirty artists throughout North America. Francisco “Pancho” Ramos-Stierle was arrested on Monday as he was sitting in silent, non-violent…, A very powerful documentary, LOST IN DETENTION, recently aired on PBS’s Frontline and revealted the devastating consequences of the mass incarceration of immigrants and the harsh toll it takes on…, The Sound Strike Art Exhibit Promo – July 29, 2011 from Favianna Rodriguez on Vimeo. Politicians and conservatives are waging an all out war on women, our bodies, our access to health, our right to…, Meet Felipe, a father who is on the verge of losing the right to his children forever. Favianna in Toronto! If you are want to see some of the freshest artwork by artists from around…, There has never been a movement for social change without art and culture being central to that movement. Favianna Rodriguez Advisor/Collaborator. Media in category "Favianna Rodriguez" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. We welcome your feedback, comments and questions. Calling visual artists to exhibit in pro-migrant cultural event in LA on July 29th! Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural organizer, and political activist based in Oakland, California. Her art and collaborative projects address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, and ecology.

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