As I’m sure you know, the Gucci belts can be very hard to come by in your size because they are constantly selling out! The belt comes with only 5 holes (the shaded area) and the length in centimeters indicates the measurement from the tip of the buckle to about the third, or middle, hole. We recommend sticking to the top tells we’ve explained above this point to make sure you’re not drawing the wrong conclusions. I’m a size 8/10 in pants, 29/30 in jeans. No need to compare sellers for the best price — we’ve done that for you.). Show Width. All you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your Gucci belt and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. When we say narrower, what we want to point out is the width of both characters — which can be visible in the fake vs real Gucci belt comparison picture above. Free worldwide shipping, support PayPal, and credit card payment. Take the tool, place the spoke over the mark and squeeze hard. Show More to Explore. Mens Belts; Womens Belts; Gucci Belts. Then get that size belt. Need our opinion over your item’s authenticity? Yes, it’s a designer luxury item and it’s pricey. Fake Gucci belt width: 20MM BEGG095. Don't waste time looking for the best price. More often than not, fake manufacturers will manage to make these heat-stamped prints with weird or incorrect kerning on the text. You have a couple of options if you decide to add one or more holes to your belt (I think you will need more than one). Yes, altering the belt will void any warranty that Gucci provides. There are people out there for whom that difference will be much bigger. In fact, today we are going to show you how to tell between a real vs fake Gucci belt in just seven simple steps. I don't have an auth of the 3cm Gucci belt to compare to, so I compared to my friend's wider belt, but I hope this post is helpful to some people interested in purchasing this belt! Also, you get 15% off your first purchase if you sign up for their online newsletter. My recommended sizes were the 65, 70 and 75 so I ordered all three to try. We understand how it might be difficult for you to spot some of these differences without having a fake and real pair next to each other. Check the “GG” buckle’s shininess. September 5, 2018. The low hip point in the picture below indicates where the last factory made hole was for me – the 5th hole. I bought my first Gucci belt last year (the black one) and wore it so much I decided the brown version would be a great addition. We offer high-quality and affordable fake Gucci belts. In my opinion, you wouldn’t be getting your money’s worth if you could only wear your belt one way. That’s not much of a difference if you think about it. VIEW BELTS SIZE GUIDE >>> Click here! The resulting hole should look identical to the factory made holes. Gucci will accept returns only within 30 days of purchase. bags. The sizes of belts in Europe are range from 80 to 120 centimeters. If you get it to fit your natural waist, it will be too small for your hips. Whenever I wear my Gucci belts (I have a few different color/size combos), you guys want to know how to size your own – so I’m sorry for the delay but finally putting together a little size guide. I get asked a lot of questions about my Gucci belt – sizing, width, where to purchase – so I thought I’d address those queries in a neat little guide post. But anyway, what is the point of having a belt that you can’t wear in every way possible! Below are the top 7 indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake Gucci belt or original manufactured Gucci belt. Gucci Belt Size US Pants Size; 75: 26 : 80: 28 : 85: 30 : 90: 32 : 95: 34 : 100: 36 : 105: 38 : 110: 40 : 115: 42 : 120: 44 $470.00 (155) Free Delivery. Unfortunately whenever I go to either an H store or on their website, I never see small sizes anymore. The emblematic Double G finishes the front.Black le The only people that I can think of that won’t have a great difference between natural waist and hips are MEN! The tells listed below this point are still reliable signs of authenticity, but for non-top-versions of replicas available for this item. Gucci Belt Size Guide. Gucci Mens Belts; Gucci Womens Belts; Hermes Belts. We’ve got two main things to look at: the colour and the font of the “GUCCI” text. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. It’s a service we provide. Verify the interior “GUCCI” text. They’re straight up and down. ... Women's Gucci Belts. October 16, 2019 at 1:56 pm. The Gucci belt has become a cult piece with a rapid growth in popularity from influencers, celebrities and fans wearing the well-loved double G Marmont Gucci belt as an iconic statement piece. The belt width is 1.5" with antique brass hardware. Step 1: Check the interior side of the belt – fake vs real “GUCCI” text, Step 2: Verify the serial number embossing, Step 3: Fake vs real GG buckle in a Gucci belt, Step 4: Real vs fake Gucci Belt buckle pin, Step 5: Inspect the golden screw on the rear side, Step 6: Real vs fake Gucci Belt dust bags. My hips measure around 38-39. And rather than using your US pant size, I recommend getting a measuring tape with centimeters and measuring the widest part you want the belt to fit you. My waist measurement is 26.5in/67cm and my hip measurement is 32in/81cm. A wide leather belt with the Double G buckle, an archival reprisal from the '70s collections. This reveals that lower quality factory equipment was used to produce this item — a detail which you want to keep an eye out in every real vs fake Gucci GG Belt comparison. Fakes have too much space between the letters, Inspect the embossing on the serial number and the text located in there. As for the last step of our guide on how to tell fake vs real Gucci belt, we have the packaging box test. Men usually use longer belts - from 90 to 120 and women prefer shorter ones - from 75 to 110 centimeters. Fakes have poorer quality in stitching, Check the thickness of the pin inside the “GG” buckle. That is why we have compiled this quick 60 seconds solution to authenticating your Gucci belt. I prefer the larger width for that reason, but the smaller width is also really feminine and more subtle. Are you ready for it? Proven expertise, not self-claimed. off. Gucci Belt Sizing Tips. You may be here to see how to spot fake Gucci belt, and if so, you’ve reached the best place to learn how to tell fake vs real GG belts, as we’re building the world’s largest library of authentication guides. The chart is helpful in determining your size but what it doesn’t tell you is that the belt will only fit one of those two measurements. Show Size. Keep in mind that belts made out of natural leather may stretch, so as a result they may differ in size in the range of ± 1 cm. When I was getting my belt, my desired size and color were actually on back order for a long time. When looking at the replica counterpart of the fake vs real Gucci belt dust bags comparison pic, we can see that there are a lot of extra stitchings that shouldn’t be there. When we say less spaced out, we want to draw your attention to the negative space created by the two, very-closely-positioned characters. Once I knew I was keeping my belts and did not want to return or sell them, I wanted to get the most out of them. Inspired by the equestrian theme and debuted in the 1950s, this is one of the most legendary Gucci belts for women of all time, and it still continues to pay homage to the brand’s legacy. The ankle boot in shiny black leather is designed with a lug sole and elastic inserts on each side for a pull-on entry. Gucci GG Logo Buckle Leather Belt. I bought the 1.5” because it fits perfectly within the belt loops of most denim. Not only is there a larger than 2 inch difference between hips and waist, but the desired width will vary depending on the type of clothing you have on. There are two charts – one for hip measurement (low rise) and one for natural waist measurement (high rise). If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be very acquainted with this Gucci belt. I have three of them and they are my all time favorite accessory. Prefer having your items checked by one of our authenticators? Product is not available in this quantity. As you can see in the picture above, the fake vs real Gucci GG belt has too much space between “GU” and “CCI”, as it ends up saying “GU CCI” instead of the authentic “GUCCI” text. Gucci Belt Fake Vs Real Comparison Guide (GG Belt). Fake have extra threads hanging on the black pair, Inspect the colour of the box and the font on the “GUCCI” text. Show Women’s Clothing. We’d like to mention the fact that we consider the rear side text and stitching being one of the best signs to check the real vs fake Gucci belts because replica manufacturers never managed to get this right. First check to see which size spoke can fit inside your existing holes – most likely that’s the correct size to use. The smallest of the recommended belts, the size 65, fit well around my natural waist, but was too tight to comfortably wear any lower. That meant wearing them with thin and thick clothes, low rise or on natural waist. Shape-wise we can point out some leading indicators that will help you tell a fake vs a real Gucci belt. With my measurements I got two different Gucci belt sizes, size 60 and size 80. Also, the tip of the “G” character looks too curvy and rounded on the fake box. Get the best deals on Gucci Belts Size S for Women when you shop the largest online selection at Get checked by the industry's top experts. Decide which denim you’re buying the belt for. Then make sure it’s centered in the middle of the belt. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your Gucci Belt is fake or authentic. Pick Up: Set location. From gold and silver GG designs and signature web-stripe designs, each Gucci belt … 00, XXS 0, XS 2, XS 4, S 6, S 8, M 10, M 12, L 16, XL. (By the way, have you seen our Price Comparison App? Either that, or download our app, where you’ll find all our comparisons perfectly organised. If you’re like me and don’t live near a Gucci store, you can try their website or one of the department stores that carry Gucci. Where can I get my Gucci belt authenticated? The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways on how to authenticate this item. Just pick an item and see the best prices for yourself — all of them, side by side. Let’s have a look at the comparison pictures: The sustainable part on the bottom side of the pin on the buckle is too big on the replica Gucci belt. So once you have inspected your belt and have decided to keep it, you will not be able to return it after 30 days even if you didn’t add any holes to it. The women's leather belt can be worn on the hips or at the waist to create different looks. Gucci have recently updated their belt sizing chart, possibly in an attempt to make it easier for consumers to decide on a size. Completed with a detachable ankle strap dotted with sparkling crystals encased within engraved trims, resembling vintage jewels. I have the Gucci Double G belt in chocolate brown with antique brass hardware in the 3cm width. The “®” character is too small on the fake vs real Gucci belt and at the same time, the “R” inside the circle is too big as it hits the edges of the circle in the interior. Maybe it’s the design itself, or maybe it’s the unbelievable cast of icons who’ve been seen sporting the hip candy. Flipping the buckle to its rear side, we can easily notice the pin on the rear “GG”. This seems like a minor spot to look at, but it is really worthy noticing when legit checking the Gucci GG belt. If you have a golden Gucci belt and the screw is silver-coloured, then it may be a counterfeit Gucci belt, Check the stitching on your dust. It comes with different width spokes. There are situations where you may be unable to go through each detailed step explained above when you need to authenticate your Gucci “GG” belt. In other words, if you get the belt to fit your hips (low rise) you won’t have enough holes if you bring it up to your natural waist. There are two charts – one for hip measurement (low rise) and one for natural waist measurement (high rise). Gucci Belt Size (cm) Hip Pant Size; 65: 24 inch 61 cm: 00 : 70: 26 inch 66 cm: 0 : 75: 28 inch 71.1 cm: 2 : 80: 30 inch 76.2 cm: 4 : 85: 32 inch 81.3 cm: 6 : 90: 34 inch 86.4 cm: 8 : 95: 36 inch 91.4 cm: 10 : 100: … gucci gucci belt size (cm) pants size (us) gucci pants size (it) 75: 75: 26: 40: 80: 80: 28: 42: 85: 85: 30: 44: 90: 90: 32: 46: 95: 95: 34: 48: 100: 100: 36: 50: 105: 105: … According to the chart, the difference between the low rise and high rise  measurement is only 2 inches. Show Men’s Clothing. When we say narrower, what we want to point out is the width of both characters — which can be visible in the fake vs real Gucci belt comparison picture above. My jeans hit around my upper hip and I measure about 32 inches. I’m sure they will attribute those to wear and tear. However, I think they have made things even more confusing. Show Men’s Clothing. But I got my three over a period of two years and I don’t regret spending the extra money one bit. The way the GG buckles are created is different: as you’ll be able to notice in the picture above, the fake GG buckle is visibly thicker, narrower and less spaced out. It is easy to notice how the fake Gucci belt box has the “GUCCI” text looking scratched and worn out, while the legit box has this text intact. However, I think they have made things even more confusing. But because I wanted the belt to fit on both low and high rise jeans, I winged it and went with the 75cm belt and it is perfect! That little screw, if we are talking about the golden Gucci belt, has to be golden too. Ch David is the co-founder and CEO of Legit Check By Ch. If the buckle is golden at the screw is silver, you’re looking at a fake Gucci belt. Why go through all the hassle of opening so many tabs? Okay – trying not to make this too long winded but I get the same questions almost every day about these belts.. like what size, … I ended up ordering a size 80/32 from the Gucci website. Make sure you follow our Instagram, our YouTube Channel, or our other socials (check out the footer). All of that variation will require you to have more than the 5 holes that the Gucci Marmont Belt comes with. So the difference for me is at least 8 inches. With all of this being said, we’ve reached the end of our guide on how to spot fake Gucci “GG” belts by just looking at the seven main spots. The most common question I get (and one that I had myself) is which size to get. That is to say that the space between characters is not correct, which you’ll see in the fake vs real Gucci belt rear side text comparison below. But you might choose to wear the belt over a thin summer dress. 20 items. I would like present to you these comparison photos of the "Leather belt with Double G buckle in Black leather" (lol) from Gucci. I’m not sure how they’re determining the natural waist point to be beyond the last hole. The Double G Buckle Gucci belt comes in two widths – 1.5” and 0.8“. I fell in love with the double G buckle as soon as I saw it and I knew I had to have one of these belts sooner or later. I have serious doubt that Gucci will honor any returns after the 30 day time period because of defect. It has a different quality, meaning that the “GUCCI” text is stitching in is inferior quality on the fake vs real Gucci belt. 4. I wear a size 27/28 in jeans, and I have two different sizes in the belts. How can I spot fake Gucci belts in a minute? There are 5 holes on the Gucci belt and the size corresponds to the middle hole. You might have to wiggle the tool side to side to cut that final layer of leather. How I Found My Size In The Gucci Belt. And their medium size belt 38mm wide belt is the same width as the Gucci 1.5″ so that can help as a visual reference. This is probably the first objection I get to the prospect of adding holes. For reference my Topshop Jamie jeans are a W28. Check out the this item of the real vs fake Gucci belt comparison below. Fakes have a pure white colour for the box and the text is looking too scratched and worn out. * Go to a cobbler and have them add them for you for a small fee (mine charged me $1). Since we are on the rear side of the Gucci belt, let’s analyze the materials on which the serial number is printed. Let’s see the pictures: As you can see, the legit Gucci belt dust bag looks clean and has no stitching or extra threads that shouldn’t be there. Remember, you can always widen the holes but you can’t make them smaller. M L XL XXL. The question is, what is that warranty? You may notice this little button or screw on the rear side of your Gucci belt. Oct 26, 2019 - Comparing the different widths and leathers for Gucci belts and sharing my tips on how to choose the right size! If you need help with the authentication of your Gucci “GG” belt, we’ve got you covered. But most women have hips that are much wider than their natural waist. This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time because I get so many questions about it. Take a deep breath: Jennifer Aniston, Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Munn, Alessandra Ambrosio, Dakota Johnson, Kourtney Kardashian, Debra Messing, Vanessa Hudgens, Tara Reid, Cindy Crawford, Mary J. Blige, Janice Dickinson, Patricia Manfield, Taraji P. Henson, Ashley Tisdale, Lauren Pope. The Gucci “GG” belt authentication service, Nike x OFF-WHITE: THE TEN fake vs real guides, Pharrell Human Race NMD real vs fake guides, Anti Social Social Club Authentication Service (ASSC), Cactus Plant Flea Market Authentication Service (CPFM), Christian Louboutin Authentication Service, Comme Des Garcons CDG Authentication Service, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Service, Valentino Rockrunner Authentication Service, Versace Chain Reaction Authentication Service, Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Authentication Service (Bag), Nike x Off White Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Nike x Travis Scott Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Alexander McQueen Real vs Fake Comparisons, Christian Louboutin Authentication Guides, Comme Des Garcons Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Guides. That is we recommend that you download our app, where we organized all this information (along with other fake vs real guides for high end items) properly so that you will be able to pull up this visual comparison fast. Ch David is in charge of the Legit Check By Ch Library of real vs fake authentication guides, where hundreds (soon thousands!) Gucci have recently updated their belt sizing chart, possibly in an attempt to make it easier for consumers to decide on a size. I’m typically a size 24 (or 0) in bottoms and my measurements are a 23″ waist and 32″ hips. Measure the distance between the holes and mark that spot on your belt with a pencil. Fakes are too big, Verify the golden screw on the rear side. * Have your Gucci store add them for you for free. As you can see, the fake Gucci belt box is looking pure white, while the legit box has a yellow tint, rather than pure white. Some of my favorite ways to wear the Gucci Marmont Belt: COPYRIGHT @ Stefana Silber. Show Brand. And the warranty is over after 30 days anyway. As it might be visible to the naked eye, fake Gucci belt buckles use a material that’s more matte, thus leading to a different way of reflecting light (or a different way of shining). Neiman Marcus periodically has tiered sales. Gucci GG Leather Belt. We've done that for you. Louis Vuitton Belts. Gucci Leather Belt with Horsebit. Moving to the packaging of the Gucci belt, we have the dust bags. The space between the holes is about 1 inch or 2.54cm so that gives you some flexibility to wear your belt lower or higher as you desire. Jeans or lets say a blazer or coat will be on the thick side. For this comparison, we’ll use the golden Gucci GG belt. Blog Design by. Show Women’s Clothing. I got mine from Home Depot but your can also get it on . So many of you have asked if I think they will still be in style for the next few seasons, and I say yes. Fake Gucci belt width: 35MM Two belt buckles BEGG112. ! I wear both high waisted and low waisted jeans. Let’s have a look at the pictures with the fake and the real Gucci belts: While this may differ with lighting, the amount of light reflected by a real vs fake Gucci belt is caused by the materials used to create the buckle. Product Compare (0) Quick View. The size I’m wearing is 80/32 so you can gauge from there. Unless, the size chart doesn’t have exact inch measurements in mind – who knows, since Gucci is Italian, maybe their inch measurements are not precise. * Get yourself an  (the same one that the cobbler uses) and add as many holes to as many belts as you like. And that’s not even includin… Sort by: Gucci GG Logo Leather Belt. In the US that mostly means that my natural waist is 30 inches (which it is, on a good day, haha). My black belt is a 95, and it’s definitely a little big on me with high waist jeans, but it still works. My solution is: get the belt to fit the largest part of your body – your hips when wearing mid to low rise jeans – and then add holes so it can fit above your hips to your natural waist. Show Size. Black leather; Antiqued brass hardware with a shiny finish; Double G buckle; Buckle: 3.03"W x 2.36"H; 4cm width; Made in Italy; Can be worn as a hip or waist belt. In addition, you might be able to use coupon codes or membership rewards at some of these retailers to offset the cost of the belt: If you are part of the Nordstrom rewards program you can use your notes towards this purchase and also get rewards back from it! The Legit Check By Ch Price Comparison App. I kept stalking both and the other retailers that carry the belts until it finally became available. We understand this detail might be hard to notice to the naked eye, so we recommend you come back to our fake vs real Gucci belt comparison post. HELLO! Hey guys Today I wanted to do a comparison video of two designer belts, the still oh-so-hot Gucci Marmont belt and the classic Gucci Interlocking G belt. Hope this is helpful to you! Sometimes Gucci is excluded but other times it’s not. Hermes Mens Belts; Hermes Womens Belts; Louis Vuitton Bags If you take a look at my Instagram page you will notice immediately my love for the Gucci Marmont Belt. When authenticating fake vs real Gucci belts, bear in mind that different materials are used when manufacturing even the best batches of fake Gucci belts available on the market. The fake belts are usually too shiny, as they’re made using a different material. The tool is called Revolving Punch Pliers or . When we say less spaced out, we want to draw your attention to the negative space created by the two, very-closely-positioned characters. $470.00 (92) Free Delivery. YESENIA. We hope this guide is helpful in your Gucci belt legit checking. It’s visible how the fake Gucci belt has its text differently embossed in. On the other hand, the legit Gucci belt has it a lot smaller. Also, you can see how the “made in italy” text is so small and so less defined on the replica Gucci belt as it is not even visible at all. Then, of all, we recommend you looking at the buckle. This post is about the sizing of the Gucci Marmont Belt. And I’m not much of an hour glass figure. Measure where you jeans hit on waist and/or hips. of free guides on how to authenticate various items are published under his supervision.

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