Alternatively, if you’re washing lots of windows you can have a backup set of rings and cleaning pads ready to swap out when your initial cleaning cloths get dirty. Costs are low and it does not require a whole lot of extra effort to maintain this specific HOBOT model. Wonder how they compare? See some of our favorite robot vacuums here, including the Roomba 690and Roomba 960. HOBOT Technology Inc. was established in June 2010 by a group of optical drive servo, data channel, digital cameras, smart phones, and embedded Linux / Windows digital consumer electronics technology background staff. The Hobot 268 and 288 both include larger cleaning pads, due to the size of the window cleaning pad surface. Naujajame išradime yra nuimamas vandens bankas ir ultragarso vandens purškimo antgalis, kuris purškia vandenį 15 mikrometrų lašelių rūku. The power motor is low noise and helps removes dust from the windows. The suction mimics pressure you would apply to a window when cleaning as well as removing dust from the window. I’m glad to say it’s no longer the case with HOBOT 268; it’s noticeably faster, washing one square meter (10.8 ft2) in 2.4 minutes. HOBOT 188 vs. 198 vs. 268 vs. 288 comparisons here. After moving to a larger window (sliding glass door in my home), we noticed once again that the side-to-side cleaning method maneuvered better than the up and down method. It accomplishes it with two cleaning discs covered with microfiber cloth. We’ll help you to work out whether it’s worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you’re getting just as good a deal by getting the cheaper item. It can move freely and smoothly on the window surface without any tracks left, even if the cleaning cloth is dirty. The window is about 2 feet across and 5 feet tall. The HOBOT cleaning cloths are a special blend of microfibre, and cotton designed to remove dust and polish the glass. DAMP WINDOW CLEANING | Next up, we sprayed some window cleaning solution onto the cleaning pads of the HOBOT. Increased engine power provides excellent quality and cleaning speed. Top of Robot. DESIGN | The overall design is quite unique. Hales has been testing and reviewing products for the home since 2014. This robot window cleaner comes out of the box fully assembled with cleaning pads and rings already attached to the unit. The cord is used to both charge the unit if the backup battery is needed, in addition to powering the unit while it is cleaning. WiFi connectivity; users can connect their smartphone to the robot and control it via the app. The idea of the cleaning is the same, regardless of the mode, but the way it goes about completing a cleaning cycle can vary. Ever wondered what it would be like to have a robot clean your windows? There are arrows on the app and remote that allow users to manually drive the robot around. The HOBOT works in a zigzag pattern, covering the entire window before shutting down, Cleaning pads on the bottom of the unit crank both clockwise and counterclockwise to ensure a good wipe across the area it is cleaning, Apply cleaning pads and rings to the bottom of the, Apply window cleaning solution (optional) to the pads, Place the robot on the window and turn it on, Ensure the robot is sticking to the window (before you let go) and select your cleaning mode. HOBOT-198 Glass and Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Remote Control. Without extra attention, consumers can correctly fasten rings on wheels to avoid leakage. Manage your time the way you want while a household robot cleans your house. Coating Glass The cleaning cloths are more easily changed. Even if our specially designed microfiber cleaning cloth contains partial dust and it does not scratch the glass surface, due to microfiber cloths’ long fibre and softness. If you hate cleaning windows and do not mind adding some window detergent to assist with cleaning, then the HOBOT 198 is for you. There were some spots I would have liked to see be removed, but the overall performance was strong, in my opinion. The overall value of the HOBOT 198 window cleaning robot is good. This will keep you HOBOT 198 connected to the window for 20 minutes whilst an alarm sound. Your HOBOT 198 comes with a remote control and APP to enable you to use your HOBOT how you would prefer. I’m not totally sure why the up and down mode struggled so much.

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