▪ Domain name shield — The same day the video launched online, a Capps-owned company called Krivacy, LLC purchased the domain name “protectwichitagirls.com.” The same day Eagle reporting linked the video to Capps’ downtown Wichita office building, ownership of the domain transferred to a web hosting company that guarantees its customers anonymity. ... the county’s public health role belongs to the whole board of county commissioners, not just to the chairman. Juvenile Crime Prevention Council. “It has been an honor and privilege to serve in the greatest community and work for the wonderful people of Sedgwick County these last four years,” O’Donnell said in the county statement. The Board of County Commissioners are the individuals elected in 5 districts to represent the citizens of Brevard County, Florida. Fire Commission. O’Donnell’s made it a close race despite a secretly made audio recording, released 11 days before the election, that captured him plotting with Capps and Clendenin to cover up their role in the false attack ad and instead frame Sedgwick County Republican Party Chairman Dalton Glasscock. 2. Library Board of Trustees. ▪ Framing GOP leaders — After Eagle reporting connected the domain name to Capps’ company, leaders of the Sedgwick County Republican Party called on Capps to resign. Additionally, commissioners added that facilities hosting any youth or adult recreational organized sports are responsible for ensuring that no players or spectators on different courts or playing areas are within six-feet of one another. Clendenin, whose term runs out next year, could be the last man standing. Commissioner David Dennis said the board, which typically has five members, will get by. As of Friday, he trailed Democrat Sarah Lopez by 125 votes with the final results to be announced at noon Monday. Mr. James E. Everett is the County Commissioner for District 2. Job Ready Partnership Council. Tables must also be spaced at least six-feet apart and there may not be more than eight people at any given table. The vice chair of the board is elected each year by the five-member Board of Commissioners. Local Emergency Planning Committee Internal Revenue Service records show the charity never raised more than $50,000 in any given year and 501(c)3 nonprofit groups are forbidden by federal law from accepting political donations or spending money to influence elections. Terms are staggered so that, every two years, two or three commissioner seats are up for election. See Meeting Notice for details. newly elected members of the Onslow County Board of Commissioners sworn into office and chairman chosen. Fax: 970-474-0954. [email protected] Mrs. Benefield also serves as the 2019 Vice-Chair for the Board of Commissioners. O’Donnell quietly walked away with 2 months left in his current term. “Commissioner O’Donnell, through counsel, indicated his intent to resign from his position prior to 5:00 p.m. November 13, 2020 effectively terminating the need for official ouster proceedings,” Bennett said in his written statement. The Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners have amended the latest local health order to include provisions for event centers, youth organized sports and adult recreational sports. He was quoted in a written statement issued by the county, but did not address the reasons for his abrupt departure from office. For indoor multi-court or multi-playing area rooms, there can be a maximum of two attendees per participant. 05-CV-1927). The Board enacts policies such as establishment of the property tax rate, regulation of land use and zoning outside municipal jurisdictions, […] If anyone encounters a feature on this website that is inaccessible due to a disability, please contact the County Manager's Office and the Columbia County Board of County Commissioners at (386) 758-1005. 970-474-2485. The Commissioners also selected the 2021 Board of County Commissioners Chairman and … Lastly, event venues that wish to host events will now be treated like restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Commissioners serve a term of four years and all are elected on staggered terms. .▪ Charity donations — To conceal the identities of the donors for the video, O’Donnell and Clendenin asked contributors to cut checks to the Fourth and Long Foundation, a nonprofit organization owned and controlled by Capps. He has been censured by the Wichita City Council. Agendas and Minutes can be found here. Capps also said that the money was supposed to be used for billboard ads. “The Office of the District Attorney received confirmation that the Commissioner tendered his resignation before 5:00 p.m. (Friday).”. And his own district advisory board condemned his actions with a vote of “no confidence.”. The Board provides representation in matters of public concern for the citizens of Wilkinson County. Mr. Everett also serves as the 2019 Chairman for the Board of Commissioners. WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Sedgwick County is authorized by Sections 37 and 38 of House Bill No. Eagle reporting had previously linked the three Wichita Republicans to the video in July, but they downplayed their roles, saying they thought they were raising thousands of dollars from Wichita business leaders for a billboard campaign that never materialized. The “Protect Wichita Girls” video was posted to Facebook and YouTube on Oct. 16, 2019, less than three weeks before the mayoral election. Photo courtesy Sedgwick County Government Facebook, Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 5:26 PM CST. With a salary in excess of $96,000 a year, the commission is considered the crown jewel for local politicians. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Kamala Harris' inauguration: 'To say I'm on edge is an understatement', Trump revokes rule barring lobbying by former officials. As a resident of Johnson County and Overland Park for more than five decades, it is my honor to serve as your elected chairman of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners for a third term after serving as 4th District commissioner for four years. BARAGA COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS 2021 REGULAR MEETING SCHEDULE All meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month, at 5:00 P.M. in Circuit Courtroom, 16 N. Third St., L’Anse, MI 49946, unless otherwise noted. The order will be in effect from 12:01 a.m., Thursday, Dec. 10, to 11:59 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 9. Longwell, the intended beneficiary of the ad, immediately denounced it as “slimy” and later said it played a major role in his defeat. All agenda items or visit requests must be brought to the Clerk's Office 48 hours before the meeting. All persons must exit the area once the event is over. Under state law, an ouster differs from a criminal prosecution in two key respects: ▪ An office holder doesn’t have to necessarily commit a crime to be held accountable, only to “willfully engage in misconduct while in office.”. Chairman Richard Helms. Pete Meitzner is Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners Chairman, while Tom Stolz is County Manager. The County Board of Commissioners are: Vicki Koerber, Commissioner – Chairman; Dennis Knobloch, Commissioner – Vice Chair; George Green, Commissioner . “I got a note from staff that said he (O’Donnell) is resigning as of 5 o’clock this afternoon,” Howell said minutes before 5 on Friday. In Sedgwick County, two fiscally conservative commission candidates prevailed. Thank you to my parents and family, friends, colleagues, and supporters for your love, guidance, and support. The Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Policies are as follows: 1. For indoor single-court or single-playing area rooms and outdoor facilities, there can be a maximum of two attendees per participant. These requests will be considered when such requests are made by individuals or organizations in the community and pertain to a Sedgwick County event, person, organization, or cause with local implications. I look forward to this next journey in my life.”. Wichita, KS 67203 Pete Meitzner 1st District - Chairman Email [email protected] Sarah Lopez 2nd District Email [email protected] David Dennis 3rd District Email [email protected] Lacey Cruse 4th District - Chair Pro Tem Email [email protected] Jim Howell 5th District Email [email protected]; Board of County Commissioners

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