The Presto Pressure dark green = available;      light green = sometimes / some farms;      Learn more about our farm & get directions … Somers, CT 36 mi: Ioka Valley Farm Strawberries Call 8 to 5 for hours Learn more about our farm & get directions … Lanesboro 37 mi: The Berry Patch Of Stone Wall Hill Farm Strawberries Call for hours and season. They are best used within 2-3 days after picking. Cherries ~ Late June to Mid July. freezing corn. Young children will need assistance with picking. Don your wide brimmed hats, sunscreen and buckets. If you plan to go strawberry picking this season, be sure to follow these tips: Check on picking conditions Strawberry Season. P.O. to late September. My daughter had a strawberry pancake. The berry season on the island begins with the strawberry harvest in June, later with blueberries and black currants in July and August, and raspberries from July till September. As warmer weather starts to hit Massachusetts and the days grow longer, spending more time outside becomes practically required. Sister store to @strawberrymoon.padanaram CLOSED MONDAYS Tuesday thru Sunday 10 - 4